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Monday - Sunday 11:00AM - 9:00PM
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From Bo Lings to Bo's Kitchen

Transforming the Chinese Dining Experience

The Concept


Our mission is simple: to serve good, high-quality Chinese food quickly.

A concept for the future generation.

Straight to the point options.

Provide quick but quality high food.

Story behind the concept.

Why Bo's Kitchen?

Bolings is like a lifestyle and has a history of drawing many people in to become part of the Bolings family and friends. Bo’s Kitchen was created as a modern take on the concept of Bolings. It was created with the specific purpose to marry the Bolings legacy and food with today’s social and food trends, so that it can live on into the future. At Bolings, we want what we created to continue into the new generations that they can also enjoy the spirit of Bolings and its rich history, while enjoying a more modern, quick, and simple take on Chinese cuisine but still providing a quality experience.

More about the why

Our awesome story

Why Fast Casual Chinese Food?

Over the years, we had several dishes from our extensive menu that were more popular than others. When we birthed the idea of Bo’s Kitchen, we just picked out the most popular dishes ordered throughout the years and pulled them out to make it into a smaller, casual, and more limited menu.

What is the history?

“For 42 years, Richard and I have run Boings and built a brand and a name in Kansas City. We’ve done so well because of our hard work and the culture we’ve developed in and through what we do.

We bring Chinese culture and who we are into everything we do. We love people and making people feel at home with us. We took the time to create an atmosphere, experiences, and connections with people. We don’t just serve customers; we develop friends and family. And these folks feel the same way about us. They come and bring their families, and then their children grow up and bring their families, and it keeps going.

We love the history of Bolings and the story behind all the years we’ve spent building it. So many wonderful times!” – Theresa Ng

Bo (Richard’s Name in Chinese) Ling (Theresa’s name in Chinese)